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Product Form

While filling out the form below please keep in mind the two reasons we use it. One, it helps us better understand you, your product, and the environment it will operate in. Two, it is meant to help you consider details that you may not have thought of. If you would like to understand how our design process works click 

Please take the time to answer as many of the following questions as you can and to keep them as accurate as possible. As you answer the questions, note what is most / least important to you when determining production time, the money you want to spend, and the final quality of your product (refer to the image below).

*NOTE* If an answer to a question is unknown please leave it blank.

(We will not distribute your personal information in any way)

Good, Cheap, Fast.PNG
Is this your first product?
What is the nature of the product? Check all that apply.
What part(s) of the process do you need help with? Check all that apply.
What is your intended retail channel(s)? Check all of those that apply.

Constraints and Features

What level of quality do you want the end product to reach?
What is the expected product life?
Where will the product primarily be used?
Does the product need to be any of the following? Check all that apply.
If you need a prototype, what level of fidelity will be required? ( If you are unsure, please refer to our website or contact us for more information to find out which level is right for you.)
If you need a prototype, what will it primarily be used for? Check all that apply.

Thanks for submitting!

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