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Industrial Design describes the look, feel, and experience you have when interacting with a product. It is the process of designing a product so it can be manufactured, widely understood, and perform on a large scale. With thoughtful consideration, you can maximize the appeal of your product by making it more attractive to customers both before (look and feel) and after (user experience) purchase. We can work with you to determine the overall design you have envisioned for your product.  We make sure those elements are included throughout the entire development process.


The application of mathematical and scientific principles in the design of a product is essential to its success. Engineering is necessary for each phase of product development and, if done properly, can be the main contributor to the success of a product. At Brackin Machine, we consider each and every detail when designing your product with an emphasis on functionality (does the product work properly?), feasibility (can the product be manufactured effectively?), and cost (how expensive is the solution?).




This is the phase of product development cycle where your concepts become physical products.  Prototypes are used for a wide range of purposes for example, proof of concept and pre-sales. The prototyping process is helpful because it allows you to test the product features, manufacturing methods, and user experiences before you go to full-scale production. The feedback and information that you gather from prototype testing is crucial to implementing and launching a successful product.


"Most companies spend only 5 percent of their budget on design, but design typically accounts for 70 percent of the cost of the product .... partly because 80 percent of quality problems are unwittingly designed into the product itself." 


                                                                                                                                       -Subir Chowdhury- 




With a team built around a strong set of core values, we offer an unparalleled product design experience. We pride ourselves on communication, friendliness, and honesty, it has translated into an ideal design family, workplace, and business. Our Team is not only exceptionally skilled but also readily available to consult with our clients, walking you through the decisions that need to be made during the product design process.  At Brackin Machine, we work with you to turn your vision into reality.

Brackin Machine is a fast-growing product design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing company in the Northwestern United States.



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